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Dual Language Program

Through shared language and cultural resources, English and Spanish speaking students learn together and from each other.


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Robin Farup-Romero
Multilingual Programs Administrator

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About Dual Language Education

Dual language education is an effective approach to develop language proficiency and literacy in two languages. The program integrates English speakers and Spanish speakers for academic content instruction through both languages. Students in the Dual Language program learn together and learn from each other, as they share their language and cultural resources.

Our Dual Language Program

Salem-Keizer Public School's dual language program integrates English Learners and English-dominant students with the goal of improving the academic and linguistic performance of all participants. Its mission is to develop critically aware, multilingual students who are equipped to build bridges of intercultural understanding between diverse communities and successfully participate in the global community.

Dual Language Program Goals 

  • Academic achievement at or above grade level in all content areas 
  • High levels of academic bilingualism and biliteracy 
  • Higher levels of cultural pride, self-esteem and intercultural understanding

Dual Language Program Details & Locations

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Dual Language Frequently Asked Questions